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Size variationOver 10
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Product Lineup

DHC Series

High-end Dry Cabinet model.
Humidity is easily set without opening the door.

DHC Series

● How to Set Humidity

  • Press the [S] button
  • The display starts blinking.
  • Press the Humidity Adjustment button to specify the desired humidity.
  • Press the [S] button again to complete.

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AD Series

Dry Cabinet with sophisticated specs & high functionality at a very reasonable price!

● Howto Adjust Humidity

  • ・Rotate the dial on the dehumidification unit to adjust the desired humidity.
  • ・The further the dial is rotated clockwise, the stronger the dehumidification function is activated.
AD Series

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Product Features

Product Features7 Year

Premium look and shock resistant tough body

The simply designed cabinet body is stronger than conventional products and is resistant to external shocks, to protect your precious items such as cameras and lenses from damage caused by humidity and dust.

Simple yet unique design

The star of the show is your equipm ent stored in the cabinet. The Dry Cabinet is designed to protect and display these important items to best advantage.

Modestly placed Dry Cabinet logo

The characteristic Dry Cabinet logo is placed low on the glass door, covering accessories such as lens filters and electric chargers if these are stored in the bottom of the cabinet, sothese item s attract little attention. The Dry Cabinet logo its elf is appropriately restrained.

The "Dry Cabinet" range is designed by Tailyan Yang
(excluding parts such as electronic circuits)

● Tailyan Yang
Tailyan Yang designs and produces equipment mainly for photography, including dry cabinets and bags. In particular, he is a pioneering designer and producer of dry cabinets and pressure resistant dry cases for professional use.
His products are characterised by tough, simple and strong design with a cool touch, focused on usability.
He is highly acclaim ed worldwide, from Asian countries including Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Dubai, India and Thailand to the US and Europe.

A Peltier system is used for the dehum idification unit to achieve zero noise/vibr ation.
Electricity will cost less than 2 yen per day per cabinet.

A Peltier system is used for the dehumidification unit at the heart of the Dry Cabinet. There is no noise or vibration even when the dehumidification unit is operating, assuring no disturbed sleep during the night.

Even if the cabinet were used under midsummer levels of high humidity throughout the year, the electricity would still only cost around 100 yen a month (3 to 4 yen a day). Since it is unlikely that in Japan, with its four seasons, the dehumidification unit would be in use all year without a break, the actual electricity cost should be less --- approximately 70 yen a month at most. (The electricity consumption may vary depending on the environment of usage, etc.)

Comes with 7 year guarantee. Main electronic parts are made in Japan.
The product is certified according to the Product Safety Electrical Appliance and Material Act (also called PSE law, a Japanese standard).

The product comes with a long term guarantee (7 years ). Any failures that occur during the guarantee period will be repaired free of charge (except in cases where the produc t is damaged due to error / improper handling by the customer, natural disasters, etc.). The main electronic circuits are made in Japan, providing worry-free durability and dehumidification performance.

Reinforced glass door with lock

Equipped with a lock and an easy-to use doorknob, the door is theft-proof and safe to use for a family with children.

Slide-out shelf

Slide-out shelf

The shelf boards can be pulled out to make it easier to take out items. The boards are also detachable. The height of the shelf boards is adjustable according to the size of items to be stored.
The wave-shape design improves durability, while small holes on the shelf surface assure good aeration in order to reduce local variations in humidity in the cabinet.

  • Slide-out shelf
  • Slide-out shelf
  • Slide-out shelf

Product Specification

DHC/AD Series

Model Number Capacity (L) Weight (Kg) Remarks
・AD-0 4 0
・DHC-0 4 0
40 L 9.74kg

For 2 - 3 SLR cameras and 2 - 3 compact cameras .
For those who have 3 - 4 lenses.
Small size cabinet for personal use that does not require too much space to place.

・AD-0 6 0
・DHC-0 6 0
60 L 10.98kg
・AD-0 8 0
・DHC-0 8 0
80 L 15.64kg

Ideal for those who have more than 5 - 6 SLR/compact/film cameras and several lenses.
Also recommended for classic camera collectors.

・AD-1 0 0
・DHC-1 0 0
100 L 19.04kg

* The above numbers of cameras/ lenses that can be stored in the product are only for reference, because they may vary depending on the size of items.

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