DHC-Series High-end model for professionals

DHC series was developed for easy upkeep of your precious collection like cameras and lens under optimum conditions.

AD-Series Excellent design with high

Digi-Cabi dry cabinet series also pays attention to other finer details besides protection against moisture such as finer functionality and design.


Dry-Box Portable dry box

Oishiʼ s products are sought after not only in Japan alone but in India too.

Camera lens can be stored under optimum conditions even in high temperature high moisture environment

Why camera moisture proof cabinet is popular?

Optimum humidity for storing optical products like cameras and lens is said to be 40-50%RH. Too low humidity causes breakage or deterioration of plastic parts and on the contrary, too high humidity develops fungus on the lens. Pictures taken with lens affected by fungus are fuzzy.

Not just simple air conditioning but securing the environment that is safe for your precious cameras and lens is a must in high temperature and high moisture environment of Japan and India.

Oishi offers ʻmoisture proof cabinets for camerasʼ and ʻdry boxʼ as a solution to these issues not only for professionals but also for safe upkeep of cameras at homes.

cabinet Need for moisture proof cabinet
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